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Mobile or responsive web?

More and more people come to websites from devices other than desktop computers and laptops. According to NetMonitor's measurement at the beginning of 2013, every fifth user accessed the web by mobile, by the end of 2014 it was already the second user. Additionally, on April 21, 2015, Google launched an algorithm, among webmasters known as mobilegeddon, which is mobile-friendly for mobile search.

Visitors are increasingly accessing mobile devices on your site. People commonly use mobile phones, tablets, or other devices. These devices are constantly growing and no one knows what to do next years. How do you handle this and how do you handle the site accessibility of various devices as a publisher?


Mobile Web Benefits: More data is transmitted over the Internet than on a classic site and is downloading faster on slow internet. Maybe up to 10x less data than the classic website. It is (should be) better optimized for mobile devices in terms of user interface and usability. It can provide the ability to switch to classic view. The ability to provide different content on your mobile and PC. You can decide not to have the entire content of the site mobile. As a mobile, you only prepare a piece of content, including just a contact page. Even if you save money, it will not be an advantage for your visitors.

Personal access and support

I'm doing my best to my clients. I do not use automated procedures, I approach each project individually. You can rely on extra support


Functionality and design

My goal is to get the user as quickly and easily as possible to the information they are looking for. The web should fulfill the purpose for which it was created and allow visitors easy orientation.


Search engine optimized

I use state-of-the-art technologies to make them searchable quickly on the Internet. Website graphics are responsive, tuned for mobiles and tablets.


How is cooperation going?

Based on your request, I will analyze and refine the structure of the web pages and their design. I will recommend a suitable solution. A graphic designer draws a graphic design of the site that I send you for approval or comments. I will check the texts for their formatting and, if necessary, fill in the appropriate keywords for the search engines. Once you run the website, you can continue to use the services, such as updating content, printing graphics,

Web Visibility

Investing in a low-visibility site is a waste of money. Web visibility significantly influences the site's ability to fulfill its purpose. If no one comes to the site, nothing can be sold through it, it can not spread information or build a brand.

So the visibility of the site is higher, the more visitors come to it. Moreover, it does not only mean high attendance (quantity), but also the type and needs of visitors (quality). Let's imagine this for a simple reason - your internet presentation will become an information stall for a while at the fair. An invisible web means that the booth is tiny and shrieking around the toilets in the corner of the hall. But even if you build a great exposition with twenty beautiful hostesses right outside at the entrance, which does not stop all day, it does not mean you earn.

You have high traffic at that time, but you can only make money for it if your site offers what visitors want and need. Otherwise, they only increase costs, and return on investment (ROI) will never go over a hundred. That is why the visibility of the site requires the quality of traffic.


Also, the weblog as the easiest way to publish current information can serve to build content that attracts the search engine. A well-managed industry weblog, however, can increase the visibility of the site itself - often it is written by journalists, it is spoken about by the journalist and is often referred to by direct competitors. An important advantage of the weblog is its relevance to public relations, allowing a relatively simple way to increase the credibility of the company.

The next group includes online advertising activities. The visibility of the site will not affect the ad format (image advertising, mostly banners or PPC advertising) or what kind of payment model (PPT, PPV, PPC or even PPA) we prefer, the form depends on the specific goals of the website and on the budget . The obvious benefits of online advertising over other ways of increasing visibility include fast effect and good measurability.

Similarly to the mentioned weblog and email marketing, it provides repeated visitors. While we assume that the visitor will remember the site and visit it at the weblog, email activity remains on our side. In both cases, however, it is equally important to provide user-friendly information.

We still have viral marketing, an activity with great potential for visibility but with a difficult realization. It's an appealing idea - to involve the site users themselves in the propagation of the advertisement. However, it is difficult to devise the core of this message so that the viral campaign actually works.